International Organ Improvisation Competition: Second Round

Two participants were sent home last Wednesday. Tonight, the six remaining improvisers compete for a place in the Final. The threshold is very high, and during this round the participants are faced with two very special assignments. They won't play alone tonight... We are delighted that Kristina Fuchs is Special Guest tonight!

On the famous Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Big Hall of the Philharmonie, which is an instrument that can rarely be heard in full regalia, the participants can show themselves from a completely different side than last Wednesday. And connoisseurs know: it is an organ with many pitfalls...
After the jury deliberations, the three Finalists will be announced in the foyer.

The jury members who will judge the candidates and determine who will play in the Final tomorrow evening in the Bavokerk are Zuzana Ferjenčíková (SLO/A), Vincent Thévenaz (CH), Dominik Susteck (D), Martijn Padding (NL), Gerben Mourik (NL ), chaired by Ansgar Wallenhorst (D).

About Kristina Fuchs:
“Her voice is velvety and seductive without sounding imposing for one single moment. She improvises in a playful manner, and in a completely natural way she integrates little pieces of Indian-sounding improvisation, a Swiss Alp- echo or a jazz-lick. All this she does in the service of music, it’s not about her. Kristina Fuchs is one with her band. There are only very few singers who can achieve this.” (Volkskrant NL)

“Music that fits in no box - lightly psychedelic atmospheric impro?“ (Aad van Nieuwkerk, Vrije Geluiden) “Unique in the Dutch improvised music. One could say that Kristina Fuchs has invented a new genre.” (Herman te Loo, Jazzflits)

“Fuchs sounded in turn seductive, jocose and playful.” (René van Peer, Eindhovens Dagblad)

“Here you may see once again how wonderful Kristina Fuchs’ voice folds around the music - warm, sometimes child-like, then again powerfully female and always tasteful.“ (Rinus van der Heijden, Jazznu)

“Music that fits no label.” (Vera Vingerhoeds)

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International Organ Improvisation Competition: Second Round
6 contestants and Kristina Fuchs, singer & voice virtuoso
Philharmonie Haarlem - Grote Zaal

Entrance fee incl. intermission drink!
€ 20.00 Door-Sale
€ 17.50 Online Pre-Sale