Who plays in the final round...

Tonight, two Dutchmen and a German will enter the battlefield for the prize of the Improvisation Competition.

David Kiefer (D), Wouter van der Wilt and Harmen Trimp (NL): these are the three musicians who will try to win the world's most important improvisation prize tonight. Each finalist will receive two assignments, which will remain secret until an hour before playing.
The prize consists of a unique pen drawing of the Müller organ by Barend Klaassen, a cash prize of €4,000 and a series of concerts. An Audience Award (€1,000, sponsored by Flentrop Orgelbouw) and, if the jury decides unanimously, a prize for the best improvisation of the Festival (€750) will be awarded immediately after the jury deliberations.

The Final starts at 8 pm in the Grote of St. Bavokerk. There are still tickets available!