Get the festival mug and poster!

Especially for the 54th edition of the Festival, the Harlem illustrator Eric J Coolen designed a beautiful poster and mug with the organ of the St. Bavo Church.

About the illustrator

Eric J. Coolen is a well known Harlem illustrator and designer with a typical Dutch design art-style. He’s designed number of books and products and got the medal of honour of the City of Harlem for his work for his hometown. For more information check his website.
Mug €12,50 (travelproof packaged if needed)
Poster €16,- (42x60 cm / 16,5x23.6 inch (poster container for €1,- extra)
€25,- combi deal for both the mug and poster (container for poster included for free if needed)

Where to buy

  • Festival pop up store in the Blauwe Zaal of the Philharmonie
    Lange Begijnestraat 11, Haarlem
    Opening hours 8.00-15.30
  • At every concert of the festival
  • At the Kunst Centrum Haarlem
    Gedempte Oudegracht 117-121, Haarlem
    Opening hours Tue-Sat 11.00-17.00