Anders Bondeman deceased


We were saddened by the news that the Swedish organist Anders Bondeman passed away on 18 November 2022 at the age of 85. Bondeman was of invaluable importance to the contemporary art of organ improvisation.

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In search of innovation and originality


Last Saturday, July 23, the final of the 2022 Haarlem Improvisation Competition took place in the Grote of St.-Bavokerk. Unfortunately, the evening did not produce a winner. The jury, chaired by the German organist and improviser Ansgar Wallenhorst, indicated that they expected more innovation, creativity and originality. In order to give a quality boost not only to the Haarlem improvisation competition, but also to the art of improvisation in general, the jurors decided not to award a Prize.

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Who plays in the final round...


Tonight, two Dutchmen and a German will enter the battlefield for the prize of the Improvisation Competition.

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Get the festival mug and poster!


Especially for the 54th edition of the Festival, the Harlem illustrator Eric J Coolen designed a beautiful poster and mug with the organ of the St. Bavo Church.

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Haarlemmertjes helpen Mozart tijdens Orgeldag for kids


Op vrijdag 17 juni vond de ‘Orgeldag for kids’ plaats, als aftrap van het Orgelfestival. Het was een groot succes! 85 Haarlemse basisschoolkinderen uit groep 5 en 6 van de Sint Bernadusschool uit Haarlem-Oost orgelden die hele dag.

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All eight participants of the Haarlem Improvisation Competition 2022 have been disclosed


Today it was announced that Evan Bogerd has become the First Prize winner of the National Improvisation Competition of the Bach Festival Dordrecht. Hans van Haeften won the Second Prize. With that, all eight candidates of the Haarlem International Improvisation Competition are now known. Three Dutch candidates are participating in this year's competition.

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Festival 2021: a huge success!


The Haarlem Organ Festival celebrated its 70th anniversary with a week-long festival. Beautiful, intimate and overwhelming experiences were on the menu with the spectacular Haarlem organs and the Bavo carillon in the leading role.

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Gabriele Agrimonti winner 53rd International Organ Improvisation Competition


The jury of the International Organ Festival Haarlem has unanimously declared the Italian Gabriele Agrimonti (1995) the winner of the 53rd International Organ Improvisation Competition Haarlem. The Flentrop Audience Award went to Cyril Julien from Switzerland.

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The finalists have been announced


Final Round Improvisation Competition on Saturday 24 July in the Grote of St.-Bavokerk.

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