International Organ Festival Haarlem 16 - 30 July 2016


Tickets for public masterclasses, lectures and excursions are online available during the festival untill 30 minutes before the event commences.

Some festival concerts are free of charge. For others, tickets are also available at the relevant location from 30 minutes before the event commences.

Tickets for the recitals in Doesburg, Rotterdam, Leiden and Alkmaar are only available at the church door.

No festival tickets are numbered.


Please send an email to with the following information:

• Your name, place of residence and home country
• The event(s) for which you wish to make reservations, and the number of tickets required
Your reservation will be transferred to the organisation, and the tickets can be paid for at the concert/event location.

If you have made reservations for one or more events, you will also receive a free programma book (normal price € 4,50)

Ticket prices

Rate A (excursions): pre sales and payment via internet € 35 / at the door € 40
Rate B (opening concert): pre sales € 20 / at the door € 22,50
Rate C (concerts and finale improvisation competition): pre sales € 15 / at the door € 17,50
Rate D (concerts and 1st-2nd round improvisation competition): pre sales € 13,50 / at the door € 15
Rate E (masterclasses and lectures): pre sales € 8,50 / at the door € 10

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